Why Frametek?

At Frametek Steel, we are truly able to supply for the challenges of any project, regardless of size or complexity.

With a complete lineup of innovative products, plus technical support services and smart tools for design and specification, we're forging a new future for steel framing.

Frametek is also a proud member of the SSMA and meets or exceeds all product requirements for quality and safety.

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Frametek Studs & Track

Frametek Steel's Studs and Track are intended for load bearing and non-load bearing wall and ceiling applications.

Our framing members meet or exceed all product requirements set forth by the SSMA and Steel Framing Alliance.

Metal Stud Manufacturers, Steel Stud Manufacturers

Frametek Accessories

Frametek Steel offers easy ordering, friendly customer service, and a great selection of accessories and brake shapes.

We offer “flat strap”, “hanger strap”, furring (hat) sections, CRC, angles, clips etc. We also supply closure for the Decking Industry.

EQ Stud Manufacturer, Structural Stud Manufacturer

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